Pediatric Dentist Dr. Ronald Hsu DDS M.S.

(360-216-1130) Dr. Ronald Hsu is the owner of Storybook Dental, a Children's or Pediatric Dentist Practice located in Vancouver WA where children escape to a story land experience while Dr. Hsu and his team tend to their teeth.

Angelina Musik, founder of Wellness by Choice visits his location to interview Dr. Hsu on why he chose this theme. You may schedule a visit for your child by by calling (360-216-1130) and learn more information at Conveniently located in Vancouver, WA. Storybook Dental 2115 SE 192nd Ave Suite 106 Camas, WA 98607

My family and I have called Clark County home for more than 10 years. Over that time I have taken cared of over 10,000 children and I count it a privilege to be able to serve them and to interact with them. My life has been greatly enriched as a result.

I received my general dentistry training from the University of Washington, and my pediatric specialty training from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. The research done at these two prestigious institutions have been shaping the art and science of dentistry for over sixty years. I am grateful for the top-flight training I received.

Prior to dental school I completed my Biochemistry degree from the University of Washington, where I learned about the intricate balance between living systems. That knowledge base enabled me to see oral and dental health well beyond filling and drilling. I have developed a deep appreciation for simple principles that can prevent cavities for a lifetime.

My enjoyment in being a Pediatric Dentist comes from teaching and empowering children and their parents to attain optimal oral health. At Storybook Dental, we will partner with you to develop the best prevention strategy that suits your family so that your children can always leave our office "happily ever after."

I was born and raised in Taiwan so I am fluent in Mandarin. Having been a missionary in Korea for two years I also have some knowledge of Korean. My wife Misty and I are happy parents of three sons and two daughters, and we are involved with both the Hockinson School District as well as the Vancouver School District.





Dr. Ronald Hsu U.S. Pediatric or Children's Dentist

Dr. Ronald Hsu U.S. Pediatric or Children's Dentist

Infants, young children and even teens require dental practitioners who have the ability to care for teeth that are rapidly developing. Pediatric dentists are trained to deal with such conditions, from the teething process in infants to the appearance of molars or the development...