Finding Your Joy in U.S. with Paula Vail


TV/Radio Host, Reiki Master, Author, Actress, Speaker. Her show is available in U.S. on BBS, 1150KKNW, as well as YouTube and 5DTV. She is a featured expert in the upcoming documentary film “Imagine A World”. Paula has been featured in NYC Times Square and on the cover of multiple NYC magazines.

Meet Paula Vail: Author, Speaker, Radio HostHer show, Choices: Finding Your Joy, focuses on inspiring U.S. viewers to reclaim their personal power and to realize happiness and joy in their lives.

More about the upcoming book by Paula Vail
Bring Paula Vail on your U.S. show and your listeners will discover the theme and purpose of the upcoming book “Why am I so Happy”.

This book is an expression of various perspectives, observations, and information. Every chapter shares insight and tools that every reader can use in their own personal challenge to find joy in their life. Thus becoming empowered.

Whatever your background, history or circumstances, you are free to make new choices, develop a positive attitude, and manifest your heart’s desire.

"I'm so excited and honored to be part of Angelina's  Enterprising Women's book project. I am thrilled to be part of this group of AMAZING women who are making a difference in U.S. as well as in their own lives. Thank you, Angelina for the beautiful exposure you are giving to all of us."


"I would like to nominate Paula Veil for a 2019 Enterprising Women's Angel Award for her passion and commitment to uplift people lives and spirits through her radio show, TV show and book 'Why Am I so Happy', and will recognize her in November's O, the Oprah Magazine Issue through my Angelina Musik's Wellness by Choice section which introduces authentic experts who help us live smarter, healthier and happier." Angelina Musik, founder of the Wellness by Choice Network, Business Women News and MOMtrepreneurs.



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